Rifd Parent Training Program

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Rifd is a parent training program designed to support parents with children facing learning difficulties.

Primary School

The elementary school is an exciting place to learn. Our focus is on student learning, and we work hard to develop the basic skills of literacy (English and Arabic) and numeracy. We have designated time for social studies, science, physical education, art, music, library, and Islamic Studies, and we provide special interest and sports-focused activities in our after school programs.

The elementary school strives to support the well-being and social-emotional development of each child as we embrace a holistic approach to student learning. All of our students work hard to demonstrate four characteristics – be responsible, be respectful, be safe, and be your best. We intentionally teach these expectations to all students and practice them. We also encourage students to demonstrate global mindedness and to take responsibility for their learning.

In addition, we take a team approach to student learning, and we encourage all of our parents to be highly involved. We have regular meetings with our families to share information about our school’s curricula, procedures, and systems as well as conduct trainings for our parents in a variety of topics. We want families to feel welcome and encourage parents to stop by or call the office at any time.

Secondary School

During your senior year, you will complete a Capstone Project to prove to the graduation committee that you are prepared to receive an Awsaj Academy diploma and go on to higher studies and/or employment. This is a requirement for graduation.

Maintaining a portfolio of your best work each year helps you see how well you are progressing toward these goals. You can use the same portfolio to show off your abilities to university admissions offices and potential employers as you approach graduation.

By graduation, Awsaj Students will be academically, socially and emotionally, prepared for post school life relevant to their needs, abilities and aspirations, in Qatar or abroad.


The Rifd Parent Training Program, launched in 2021, empowers parents with tools to address academic challenges effectively, catering to diverse educational needs in Qatar. Offering tailored courses and workshops, the program bridges knowledge gaps, fostering a more productive learning experience.

Since inception, the program thrived with over 150 presenters, conducting 20-25 online workshops per season. Arabic and English sessions, attracted over 1500 parents. Targeted workshops addressing specific challenges led to notable improvements in students’ academic performance. The program evolved from basic to specialized courses, expanding its range to meet dynamic needs, overcoming challenges to support academic success.

In the upcoming seasons, the program expands to three seasons in 2023-2024, driven by increased demand, diverse needs, flexibility, continuous learning, and extended impact and outreach. Offering specialized topics, targeted workshops, interactive learning, and multi-lingual support, the program remains accessible and inclusive.

The program’s success stories include empowered parents, improved collaboration, positive academic outcomes, and the transformation of attendees into presenters. Active impact on students’ confidence and the community’s service make it a valuable resource for academic difficulties in Qatar.

Continuous education and skill development are crucial for parents and educators to effectively assist children with academic challenges. The program encourages community participation through multi-channel promotion, collaborations, targeted outreach, feedback, and regular updates.

Founder’s long-term vision involves expanding the program regionally, integrating research, fostering partnerships, providing professional development, and playing an active role in advocacy for inclusive education policies.

The Rifd Parent Training Program in Qatar received the prestigious PUE Award for Best Education Initiative last year, further affirming its impact and excellence.

To those navigating academic challenges, the message is to embrace collaboration, celebrate progress, seek continuous learning, tailor approaches, trust instincts, and maintain patience. The collective responsibility within the community ensures the success of children facing academic difficulties.