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You are here: Awsaj Homepage About Message from Director
You are here: Awsaj Homepage About Message from Director

Message From The Director

Thank you for your interest in Awsaj Academy. As you read this information about Awsaj, you will notice that as well as being a school, we are much more.

As a School…
Awsaj Academy primarily aims to serve students with learning challenges in grades K-12. Our admission priority is Qatari students who are two to four years behind their peers and who need a specialist program to catch up. The expectation for the majority of students upon graduation, is that they will receive a high-school diploma and attend college and/or a career. Students are taught in small classrooms of no more than ten students per class. Highly qualified, specially trained teachers are skilled at meeting the individual needs of all students.

We are proud members of Qatar Foundation, and are located in a purpose-built facility within Education City. Our current school building was opened in 2011 and expanded to accommodate 577 students. Awsaj Academy has a rich history of quality service that spans over 20 years. Our non-profit school has dual accreditation. From the Middle States Association (MSA) and the Council of International Schools (CIS), both recognized by the Ministry of Education.

A School and much more….
Awsaj Academy serves students that often have unique learning needs that require additional and specialized support from The Learning Center (TLC). These specialists include school psychologists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, behavior specialists, counselors, and student services coordinators. In collaboration with Awsaj leadership and teaching staff, as well as parents and students, TLC’s specialists offer their expertise through support that facilitates access to a more individualized education. The specialists also provide valuable training to staff, parents, and students so that we can all support our students in achieving their best.

At Awsaj we put children first. Our mission is to unlock the learning potential of each student, and to ensure that our students go into the future with the skills, the work ethic, and the development they need to be successful in life. We work hard to ensure that the graduates of Awsaj Academy will have evidence of:

  • Well-developed sense of self.
  • Pride in their own culture.
  • An understanding of, and respect for, Islamic values.
  • Respect for themselves and others.
  • Confidence & self-esteem.
  • Appropriate social interaction skills.
  • An understanding their responsibility for the choices they make.
  • The ability to be reflective, to think more critically, and to problem solve.
  • Ambition to achieve to be their personal best.
  • Connectivity to the local and global community.
  • Proficiency appropriate to their abilities, in reading, writing, listening and speaking, in both English and Arabic.
  • Understanding of the value and benefits of lifelong learning as part of their lifestyle.

Our reputation is clearly established; our practices are sound and true. It is our responsibility to share our knowledge and expertise with others so that every student that struggles in Qatar can benefit from the Awsaj Way; regardless of the school they attend. The graduates of 2020 benefited from our progress as a school. Some were part of our blended learning program, some from our new PRIME PM program; others received specialized services from the QF Teaching and Learning Center that serves all the Qatar Foundation schools. Our family opens the doors of our school to any educator or parent that would like to learn how we work with our students. We will invite you into our classrooms, share with you what we are doing, and provide support as schools around Qatar work toward inclusive practices.

I very much hope that I will soon have the opportunity to meet you, and it will be with great pride and humility that I look forward to discussing the work of our amazing staff teams and wonderful students.

William Vue