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Vision & Mission
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You are here: Awsaj Homepage About Team

Staff & Faculty

Awsaj Academy staff are international and represent over 19 countries. Over 53% of our teaching staff have master’s degrees or higher, and we recruit globally to ensure that Awsaj Academy has the best-qualified and committed teachers available. They are committed to providing a quality program to Awsaj Academy students every minute of every day, and are encouraged to develop and excel in their fields of expertise. They are dynamic, committed, and forward-thinking. Most importantly, they have a passionate commitment to students.

The teaching staff at Awsaj Academy:

  • Are creative, resourceful teachers with proven ability to enhance students’ performance.
  • Are experienced in the latest evidence-based programs and strategies.
  • Possess positive and effective teaching styles with the willingness to work above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Provide professional-level educational service and support to students with learning challenges.
  • Have at least two years’ experience as classroom teachers.
  • Have experience with explicit instruction.
  • Have proven ability to positively manage student behavior.
  • Have Special Education backgrounds/endorsements.
  • Have reading endorsements, ELL endorsements, and knowledge of RTI (Response To Intervention).