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You are here: الصفحة الرئيسية رفد

About the Rifd program

The Rafd Parent Training Programme, launched in 2021, empowers parents with the necessary tools to deal with academic challenges effectively, and is relevant to Qatar’s diverse education needs. The program offers specialized courses and workshops, filling knowledge gaps, which enhances the positive learning experience.

Since the beginning of the program, the “Rafd” program has flourished with the participation of more than 150 presenters, who hold 20-25 remote workshops each season. The sessions, presented in Arabic and English, attracted more than 1,500 parents. Targeted workshops for specific challenges have seen tangible improvements in students’ academic performance. The program has evolved from core courses to specialized courses, expanding its scope to meet changing needs and challenges to support academic success.

In the coming seasons, the program is expanding to three seasons from 2023 to 2024, in response to high demand, diversity of needs, flexibility, continuity of learning, increased impact and communication. By offering specialized topics, targeted workshops, interactive learning and multilingual support, the program remains accessible and comprehensive.

Program success stories include parent empowerment, improved cooperation, and positive academic outcomes, as well as some participants turning from parents into Rafd providers. The program plays an effective role in enhancing students’ confidence and providing services to the community.

Continuing education and skills development are vital for parents and educators to support children with academic challenges. The program encourages community engagement through multi-channel promotion, collaboration, targeted outreach, collecting feedback, and providing regular updates.

The vision of the program founder includes regional expansion, integration of research, enhanced collaboration, provision of professional development opportunities, and active participation in improving inclusive education policies and practices. The program won the Qatar Foundation Education Office Award for Best Educational Initiative last year, confirming its impact and excellence.

To those facing academic challenges, the message is to embrace a collaborative spirit, celebrate all progress, seek continuous learning, adjust approaches to suit individual children, trust personal instincts, and maintain patience and persistence. Remember that you are not alone, but it is a collective responsibility within the community to support children’s success in the face of academic challenges.


Since 1996, my journey with Qatar Foundation has been pivotal. Starting with a small villa, Qatar Foundation has developed into a global institution under the visionary leadership of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Al Misned. As a specialist in teaching students with learning disabilities, she played a vital role in establishing the Learning Centre, which evolved into the first accredited school of its kind in the Middle East. Qatar Foundation’s influence expanded on a global scale as I began lecturing and training in various capacities, contributing to global education. The establishment of Qatar Academy Doha in 1996 was a turning point, leading to the establishment of the Awsaj Academy, testifying to Qatar Foundation’s commitment to blended learning. My leadership role at Qatar Academy – Msheireb and Awsaj Academy also contributed to the success of Qatar Foundation. In 2019, I returned to Awsaj Academy where I founded the Raffd Parent Training Program, a transformative initiative that enhances parent engagement and enhances students’ academic performance. This program demonstrates Qatar Foundation’s commitment to excellence, inclusion, and community development. My journey with Qatar Foundation is fraught with pioneering initiatives, and the Rafd program stands out as a transformative effort, strengthening the sense of community among parents and contributing to the goals of Qatar Foundation.

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